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This page is to offer my labour and inform you about what I do. I hope it is useful for those who are just starting out, otherwise nosey, or interested in how I work.

I work primarily as a freelance gallery technician and art handler. This means that I am hired out by museums, galleries, and art shipping companies to install artwork and exhibition displays in their spaces. This can be loaned work or from their own collections and is generally 2-4 weeks per place of work every 3 months of their exhibition duration.  This has been sustainable for me for the last year, generally being full time.

I also take up artist in schools programmes, working with ages 3 - 18. I have worked with schools to find funding so there is no cost to the school and commissioners would see the payment of materials and travel.

I have supported various BA and MA courses, working as a visiting lecturer and studio assistant tutor, although this is generally seasonal, peaking at the end of academic years where students are focused on final major projects and dissertations.

When lockdown effected us, I lost all of my work other than a limited amount of visiting lecturing work with an MA group. With my sister, we began making jewellery from fused glass for enjoyment and focus, and as a means of financially surviving. You can find what we make at slumpstudio.com.

I have been self employed as a freelance technician since 2015 after previously volunteering at The New Art Gallery Walsall whilst studying. Over the next few years, I emailed other local museums and galleries with my CV to see what I could get involved in. There are around ten museums and galleries that I regularly work at across the country.