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Interested in ungoverned libraries of knowledge and knowledge [re]production, the work I make aims to playfully document the commons between people and communities as places of sanctuaries, where trust and cooperation is prioritised over competition. I orientate my practice in its own self-governed and self-described ‘non-artist’ prescription, working mostly collaboratively to dilute the solitary and hypervisible nature of being a ‘solo’ artist.
Using machines and process to illustrate research, I navigate personal, trans-generational and socio-historical narratives across whatever materials interest me at that time, tending into learning something new. My work has been presented as installations, webs of [re]imagined engagements surrounding language and knowledge [re]production – which is occasionally [un]written, [un]performed and made [in]visible through relationships and learning using text and textiles, writing and community. 

I prefer collaborating with other artists over being in competition for opportunities (that will probably gravitate towards mediocrity, if not a bit exploitative, at best). I currently work with Black Hole Club (Vivid Projects, Birmingham), Matters of Interest (Big Shop Friday, Milton Keynes), Masters of Something (West Midlands), Grand Union Women (Grand Union, Birmingham), The Morning Exchange (EU and beyond) and Found The Plot (Smethwick with Sofia Niazi, Sahjan Kooner, Rupi Dhillon and Samuel Cook).


I am a white, cis-gendered female.
I grew up in a working class household in the UK with two parents both able to work.
I went to a state school and did not claim free school meals. I am the first in my family to go to university.
I have a chronic neurological health condition that can occassionally effect my ability to work but do not consider myself disabled. I am able-bodied.

As a working class person, I feel strong values in resource sharing and taking care of others. I have been treated as replaceable and conditioned to resent middle-class professionals and bitter towards the idealization of wealth and those in comfortable positions. I feel within the art world, those in comfortable positions such as me have the ability to make decisions to control their own visibility and amplify more important voices from under represented parts of society. Therefore, I am very select in the opportunities I apply for.

I feel it is important for all artists to include on their website whether wealth has aided any financial freedom to becoming an artist. Should you be looking at this part of my website because I have applied for an artist opportunity, I hope in your selection panel and the artists short-listed are inclusive and that you are in solidarity with this section of my website.

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All activity ( exhibitions // fellowships // residencies )

2021 / current
☼    British Art Show 9_ Artist in Schools, with Wolverhampton Art Gallery and University of Wolverhampton_ artists also include De'Anne Crooks, Thomas Eke and Joanna Fursman. 09/21 - 03/22
☼    Art Workers Between Self Organising and Collectivity -- Pooleyville article, written with Thomas Eke, Lucie MacGregor and Emily Roderick as Matters of Interest. Published 14/07. Readable here.
☼    Every Woman Biennial London, The Copeland Gallery London. Opening 1/07/21. More info here.
☼    DOOM (Turn Away from the Sun). Vivid Projects, Birmingham UK, 06/2021. More info here.
☼    IKON for Artists: Art Sale. Birmingham UK. 17/05 - 1/06. More info here.
☼    Ping Pong: IKON Youth Programme (IYP) workshops with Black Hole Club, publication. 02-06/21. More info here.
☼    Stryx International at Lab 155, Bologna, Italy. 03/21 - 04/21 (international residency)
☼    Black Hole Club Member 2021, Vivid Projects, March 2021 - Dec. 2021 More info available here. (fellowship)
☼    PASTE UP, Billboard poster outside Cheap Cheap Gallery, Cheapside Birmingham. 03/21. More info here.
☼    a-n 40th anniversary newsletter, writing commission, published 14/01/21. Readable here. (collaborative publication with Black Hole Club)

☼    It Gets Lighter From Here, Black Hole Club collaborative commission from Vivid Projects. Viewable here. 21/12/20 (collaborative video work) ☼    Archive, Exchange, and Process in Pandemic, collaborative text with Leanne O’Connor, published by Critical Art Review 27/10/20. Readable here. (collaborative publication)
☼    Unavoidable, Online MA Show. 01/09/20 - 01/09/21. Viewable here.
☼    Peep at Stryx, home residency online with Stryx Gallery, Birmingham. Nov 2020. More info here.
☼    Artist in Schools with IKON Gallery, Brindley Place Birmingham, and Bromley Pensnett Primary School, Dudley. (Programme & exhibition at IKON) Postponed due to Covid-19 until 06/21. 
☼    Mayday reader, collaborative publication with Black Hole Club, May 2020. Readable here. (collaborative publication)
☼    Black Hole Club Member 2020, Vivid Projects, March 2020 - March 2021 More info available here. (fellowship)

☼    Art Licks Weekend 2019 London, DKUK, The Old Police Station Deptford, 4Cose & 1C Enterprise. 20th Oct. 201. (group exhibition with Grand Union group GU WOMXN). More info available here.
☼    Coventry Biennial 2019, The Row. 4/10/19 - 28/01/20. More info available here. (biennial exhibition)
☼    PLAY, Stryx, Birmingham 6/09 - 4/10/2019. More info available here. (group exhibition)
☼    Masters of Something. 09/2019 - current. (Programme of artist group of 15 participants, working towards alternative education) More info available here.
☼    Black Hole Club 2019 with Vivid Projects_ 02/2019 - 01/2020 (fellowship)
☼    Random String 2018 with Ludic Rooms_ 11/2018 - 04/2019. More info available here. (fellowship)
☼     Forward: New Art from Birmingham, IKON Birmingham, 26 -31/03/19 More info available here. (group exhibition)
☼    Forward: New Art from Birmingham, Medicine Bakery & Gallery (IKON) Birmingham 23/01 - 24/03/19 (group exhibition)

☼    WIP Stryx, Minverva Works Birmingham. 2 - 10/11/18. More info available here. (Group exhibition)
☼    New Art West Midlands 2018, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery 13/02 - 13/05. More info here. (group exhibition)
☼    National Trust/New Art West Midlands residency_ 02/2018 - 02/2019 More info here. (Residency)
☼    Grand Union residency_08/2017 - 08/2018 More info here.

☼    IKON prize_ 07/17

☼    Birmingham's Big Art Project, Millennium Point. 08/16 (collaborative publication)
☼    Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Art, HK. 02 - 04/16 (group exhibition)

Publications // writing

☼    ☼    a-n 40th anniversary newsletter, writing commission, published 14/01/21. More info here.

☼    ☼    Archive Exchange, and Process in Pandemic, collaborative text with Leanne O’Connor, published by Radical Art Review 27/10/20. Readable here.
☼    ☼    Mayday reader, collaborative publication with Black Hole Club, 01/05/2020. Readable here.

☼    ☼    Self published manifesto, January 2020. Available to read here.

☼    ☼    Art Licks Weekend 2019 London, DKUK, The Old Police Station Deptford, 4Cose & 1C Enterprise. 20th Oct. 2019 (publication exhibition with Grand Union group GU WOMXN) More info available here. ☼    ☼    Self published artist manual 'Ideas for Better Spaces' 04/2019. Available to read here. ☼    ☼    IKON Blog, on Haroon Mirza. Critical Sound. Published 01/19. Available to read here.


☼    ☼, “Post-Matter” – Wearable Art That Blurs The Boundaries Between Bodies And Environment. Published 11/2017, available to read here.
☼    ☼    Birmingham's Big Art Project publication, Millennium Point, Birmingham, 08/2016.

Talks & sharing events

☼    The Gallery is, IKON Gallery_ 11/04/19 6-7PM
☼    Randomstring sharing event, Warwick Arts Centre, Helen Martin Studios_ 9/04 10am-4pm
☼    Accessibility and Galleries Without Lifts, Medicine Bakery & Gallery Gallery_ 27/02/19 6-7PM
☼    Trust New Art/National Trust sharing event, Birmingham Conservatoire_20/02/19 2-5PM

☼    Stirchley Talks, Artefact Gallery_12/12/18 6-8PM

Press / news (hyperlinks)


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→ Radical Art Review
→ Birmingham Institute of Creative Arts (BCU)

→ ArtLicks, London
→ IKON Gallery, Birmingham
→ ArtRabbit (as Black Hole Club, Vivid Projects)
→ ArtRabbit (Stryx, Birmingham)
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☼    PGCHE (PT)_ Falmouth University, UK

2018 - 2020
☼    MA Arts and Education Practices (PT)_ Birmingham School of Art, UK
☼    Public Art and Pedagogy_ Art of the MooC, Duke University (North Carolina, US)
☼    PGCE Post Compulsory Education_ Birmingham City University, UK

2014 - 2017
☼    BA (Hons) Art & Design_ Birmingham School of Art, UK

☼    FDA Art & Design _ Bournville School of Art, UK


2017 - current
☼    Studio Assistant Tutor & Visiting Lecturer, Birmingham City University, UK

2015 - current
☼    Freelance Technician at New Art Exchange (Nottingham), Nottingham Castle, IKON (Birmingham), The New Art Gallery Walsall & Wolverhampton Art Gallery.