︎︎︎ Turn phone on mobile
                                                   / Screen scrolls on left and right ︎

︎︎︎How to Make a Blueprint for a City, 03/2021. Billboard outside Cheap Cheap Gallery / The Lombard Method, 68a Lombard Street, Birmingham.

︎︎︎Soft Spaces for Seizures, Every Woman Biennial, The Copeland Gallery, Peckham, London. 07/2021.

︎︎︎Exhibition with Grand Union Women at 4 Cose, London, for ArtLicks Weekend, 2019. Photo by Sophie Huckfield.

︎︎︎Poster at Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam NL. 10/2019

︎︎︎Work in progress of Goldfish, Amongst Common Interest and Other Sancturies/Empires, 2020.

︎︎︎Front & back cover of a-n 40th anniversary newsletter, designed by Keith Dodds. 01/2021.

︎︎︎Book page scan from Garden Brickwork for documentation of the history of goldfish ponds in UK public gardens, 1981.

︎︎︎ Public Language / Word Power, MA writing, 2020

︎︎︎Book page scan from Garden Brickwork for documentation of the history of goldfish ponds in UK public gardens, 1981.

︎︎︎Book page scan from Garden Brickwork, 1981.
︎︎︎Front page scan of ArtLicks, issue 23 Peripheries, 2018, writing with Grand Union Women.


︎︎︎Webpage screenshot of exhibition locations with Grand Union Womxn for ArtLicks Weekend, 2019 (London). Locations include 4Cose [Cambridge Heath], 1C Enterprise House [Hackney], The Old Police Station [Deptford] & DKUK [Peckham]. 

︎︎︎Poems for Mourning Caterpillars, DOOM (Turn Away from the Sun): Black Hole Club at Vivid Projects in Birmingham, 07/2021.

︎︎︎ Webpage screen shot of Mayday Reader [Black Hole Club publication], 01/05/2020.

︎︎︎’Snail Mail’, work from the Visual Communications class at State Academy of Art & Design in Stuggart #thankyoupostalworkers #thankyoufrontlineworkers #thankyouheathcareworkers IG: @klassethomas ☼

︎︎︎ Brexit mice, rant to accompany a painting. Short snippets of hope amongst the darkest: shortest day, longest night. Hopeful notes to leave folks whilst I’m not here because nothing has changed since March, except the seasons, so let’s meet in London for missed lunches in tier 2. Images of photos from phones, marking moments of happiness and hope within a banner of lightness. A moment in 2019 when we were happy, when we find the strength to say no to things when the conditions (i.e., a pandemic) aren’t right. The moment I find a caterpillar and let it crawl across my fingers. Images of caterpillars. Smooth jazz background. Opening and closing desktop windows on screen recording. Poems. Signs/graffiti on the side of buildings in Walsall and caterpillar ceremonies.

Here’s to screen sharing extravaganzas.
6:30pm, next Thursday, be there or be not-represented-by-screen-recordings.